DIN EN 16247-1 energy audits

Following the 2015 enactment of the German utility services act EDL-G, ยง 8d obliges large companies, or so called non SMEs, to perform a DIN EN 16247-1 energy audit every four years, under the supervision of qualified and accredited energy auditors.

For example, a company that performed and completed its first energy audit to schedule by 5 December 2015, must submit its second energy audit after four years by 5 December 2019.

Konzept.E GmbH is authorised to perform BAFA approved energy audits. In the first audit period we performed energy audits for a great many companies in various sectors ranging from industries to service providers such as hospitals, a service that we shall be pleased to provide to you also.

Simply contact us personally to learn more or request a noncommittal offer for your DIN EN 16247-1 energy audit!

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